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Sustainability Policy

Savons Prolav Inc., manufacturer of the Bio-VertTM line, believes its desire to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment must be reflected not only through developing and marketing green household cleaning products, but also by adopting green practices.

As a result, and in the spirit of encouraging a sustainability mindset, Savons Prolav Inc. pledges to continually improve its environmental performance, and to do so without ever compromising the effectiveness of its products.

1. Operations and Product Development

  • Comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations as well as any other environmental requirements we adhere to
  • Conduct life cycle assessments of each product
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of our operations by quantifying our greenhouse gas emissions according to the ISO 14064-1 standard
  • Integrate pollution prevention in our business decisions, policies and practices
  • Foster reducing residual waste and using materials with recycled and/or recyclable content for our packaging and containers
  • Develop innovative household cleaning products that continually raise the environmental performance bar

2. Raising Employee Awareness and Involvement

  • Provide environmental protection training and awareness sessions for all employees
  • Provide incentives to all employees who green commute to work by way of public transit, bike or carpooling
  • Ensure all employees adhere to this sustainability policy and are equipped with the appropriate means to help implement it

3. Suppliers

  • Whenever possible, do business with local suppliers in order to reduce transportation distances, and by extension, greenhouse gas emissions
  • Select suppliers that optimize their transportation operations, transport full loads and maximize their pallets by reducing unused spaces and eliminating unnecessary packaging
  • Give preference to suppliers that demonstrate a tangible commitment to reducing packaging materials
  • Give preference to packaging suppliers that use recycled materials as their primary materials
  • Privilege suppliers whose environmental practices are aligned with this policy

4. Communication and Transparency

  • Be transparent and truthful when communicating about or reporting on environmental performance
  • Inform consumers of the Environmental Facts associated with the products they are purchasing
  • Release an annual report on the company’s sustainability activities as per GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines
  • Have the information published in the annual report validated by an independent outside audit firm

5. Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Support, through the Bio-Vert Green Action Fund, community initiatives and student projects aimed at improving environmental quality