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R&D and the Environment Department

With environmental technological discoveries and advancements multiplying at an exponential rate, Bio-Vert conducts its own Research and Development in order to continue to pioneer breakthroughs in green household cleaning products. We hire our own experts, and this helps us actively monitor product quality and continually stay in lockstep with new trends and improvements that could benefit our ecological products.

The company has also recently created a dedicated Environment Department to help it spearhead its sustainability efforts on a full-time basis. The new department will ensure that all corporate strategic decisions are made taking environmental factors into account. The Environment Department evaluates the potential environmental impacts of all projects submitted. Their to-do list for the coming months will primarily consist of:

  • Life cycle assessing products and packaging
  • Managing environmental R&D
  • Quantifying and reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs)
  • Internal environmental management
  • Managing communications related to the environment