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Environmental Facts

All Bio-Vert eco-friendly products now feature an Environmental Facts label. This exclusively unique, trailblazing tool helps you make more infomed and responsible purchases by clearly identifying the eco-friendly properties of both the contents and packaging of a Bio-Vert product.

By browsing the Environmental Facts label, you can make sure that in addition to buying a cleaning product that is safer for the environment and your health, you also support the use of packaging that is greener. Numerous efforts have been made to reduce the environmental footprint of Bio-Vert containers. E.g. all bottles across the Bio-Vert product line are now made from 25% recycled plastic, and every label uses FSC-certified, 30% recycled paper.

The Environmental Facts label lists the percentage of each ingredient used in formulating the product, and that product only. As a result, Environmental Facts labels differ from product to product.

For instance, “optical brightener” is an ingredient listed strictly on our laundry products, because only our laundry products contain some. It is not listed on Bio-Vert dishwashing and household cleaning products because these do not contain any optical brightening agents whatsoever.