About Biovert

Biovert is a family-owned company based in Laval (Quebec) that has been developing and marketing low environmental impact household cleaning products since 1984.

Founded by Louiselle Mallette, an ambitious businesswoman, this small business now sells its products in major chains throughout Quebec, in Canada and around the world.

Biovert employs fifteen people at its plant and head office in Laval. The company is also actively involved in the growth of the Quebec and Canadian economies through numerous subcontractors, most of whom located in Quebec and Ontario with the employment of numerous representatives.

A sustainable commitment

Biovert’s philosophy is based on the recognized principles of sustainable development: business development based on balancing the environmental, social and economic aspects of its commercial growth. At Biovert, we do not just talk about the environment, we act!

More than just cleaning products

Biovert’s mission goes far beyond the design and marketing of home cleaning products. Our team is committed to providing you and your family with everything you need to make your environment a cleaner and healthier place. We make sure that every Biovert product in your home is free of allergens and carcinogens, as well as minimizing the environmental impact associated with its production and use.

What makes the difference

Offering cleaning products that are environmentally friendly is not just about paying attention to their contents. Beyond the assembly of natural ingredients that are carcinogen free and allergen free, Biovert products are designed to the highest standards in the industry to ensure optimum environmental value. This includes identifying product design steps where improvements can be made and manufacturing containers made of less plastic and more recycled materials. We also consider the contribution of manufacturing to the local economy, the transportation of products, the production line and so on, to maximize our resources and offer products that make a difference!

Cleanliness, efficiency and reliability

Made from natural ingredients, Biovert products use the power of nature to dislodge stains, degrease and disinfect. This means that their cleaning action is as powerful as it is gentle on the environment. By integrating this philosophy into the design of our cleaning products, Biovert reinvents what it means to “clean up”. Because cleaning does not mean eliminating everything in its path: To clean is to preserve the bacterial balance by letting nature regenerate, to eliminate the harmful elements and to preserve those which are beneficial for our health. So, your house does not just look clean: it is clean, naturally!

Probiotics: a natural choice

One of Biovert’s exclusives: probiotic cleansing, which completely reinvents the way we usually address cleanliness! You see, most major brands put forward their antimicrobial properties by stating that they kill 99.9% of germs. Yet, the chemicals in their cleaning products are harmful to the environment, in addition to failing in their cleansing mission. It is because the pathogens present in the environment develop resistance to chemical agents. Thus, to maintain a clean and healthy environment, it is necessary to preserve the “good” bacteria to better eliminate the harmful elements.

Biovert’s probiotic cleaning products do not hide bad odours, but actively eliminate them, thanks to their long-lasting action. In addition, they are, of course, guaranteed safe for you, your pets and the environment!

Some statistics…

Did you know? It is estimated that an average Canadian family consumes between 20 and 40 liters of toxic cleaning products annually. Don’t you find these data alarming? These are significant amounts of harmful products to which you and your family are exposed day after day. These products can have a serious impact on your health and may also contaminate our soils and streams. Knowing that a large part of the population reacts strongly to small quantities of chemical substances such as VOCs or perfumes contained in cleaning products, making the right choice is essential!

Awards and Distinctions

In recent years, Biovert has distinguished itself by receiving the following distinctions :

  • Recognition Gala in Environment and Sustainable Development of the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.
  • “Coup de coeur 2011” to Savons Prolav for its marketing of low environmental impact household cleaning products for its brand Bio-Vert.
  • Best new product (2009)
  • Finalist for phosphate-free dishwashing tablets
  • Phoenix of the environment (2009)
  • Finalist in the category Achievement-Business
  • Recognition Gala Laval - Labor Category (2009)
  • Recognition of social involvement in the community
  • Dunamis Award - Environment Category (2008)
  • Recognition by the Laval Chamber of Commerce of its environmental protection efforts.