Revive your space

Make your interior shine with Biovert’s household cleaning products. A range of completely biodegradable cleaning products, made in Quebec and certified to have a reduced impact on the environment. An effective way to refresh your home, while making sure to use only products that are efficient and safe for your family.



This all-purpose household cleaning product is extremely effective for your home. When it comes to cleaning the sink, counters, kitchen hood or ceramic, you do not need to use a lot of cleaning products whose toxic fumes are all more unpleasant than the others. Leave behind you a fresh smell of cleanliness that lasts and that evokes nature.


This household cleaning product is extremely effective for all surfaces of the bathroom. Make the shower, sink and bowl shine in the blink of an eye and enjoy the time you’ll need to relax in a hot bath: a book and a glass of wine.


This household cleaning product is a highly effective glass cleaner and it polishes all glossy surfaces. So be it mirrors or windows, you will always find a way to restore, thanks to Biovert’s glass cleaning products, the brilliance of your home in less time it would take to use big brands’ products. Finally say goodbye to fingerprints with its proven without mess formula!

Probiotics: cleaning reinvented

We know it well: some bacteria and microorganisms present in the environment are beneficial for our health. However, the majority of commercially available household cleaning products have antimicrobial properties that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria. What many people do not know is that the use of these products causes a significant biological imbalance and increases the risk of bacterial infections.

The health of your family is important to us. That’s why Biovert offers powerful cleaning products, ecological and above all… probiotics! Indeed, probiotics are not beneficial only in yogurts! Part of your favorite Biovert All-Purpose Cleaner, they help eliminate odors, maintain a clean, healthy environment, and are safe for humans and animals.

Prolav Brille

A well-kept secret, Prolav Brille is a multi-purpose, ultra concentrated ecological cleaner that leaves your surfaces shiny clean without the need to rinse. Ideal for washing your home, from floors to ceilings, through windows, mirrors and stainless steel appliances, Prolav Brille is by far our favorite cleaning product for big works. Economical, it also saves you time, thanks to its formula designed to leave no trace. You will never want to use another product again!