Bathroom Cleaner

Extremely efficient for all surfaces, be it bath, shower, sink or bowl, Biovert Bathroom Cleaner is the tool you need to make your bathroom shine. This probiotic bathroom cleaner is eco-friendly and contains natural microorganisms that deeply clean and prevent the spread of bad bacteria, while maintaining a safe environment. They feed on dirt, protect the surface from harmful bacteria and do not cause unpleasant odours or allergies.


Domestic cleaning with probiotics

Maintaining good hygiene at home is essential for your family and we know it. However, most cleaning products we use daily contain chemicals, whose mission is to destroy everything in their path, including “good” bacteria. This creates a microbial imbalance, the consequences of which are that it increases the risk of microbial infections and damages the immune system of your family.

So for the well-being of your family and to keep it healthy, adopt Biovert cleaning products is a natural choice! With the help of these, you will now be able to clean your bathroom and the other rooms of your home, without any harmful effect for humans, animals and your environment!

Reinvented cleaning

Who said that probiotics were only for yogurts? Composed of probiotics and 100% natural ingredients, our ecological formula deeply cleans, while maintaining and optimizing the biological balance. One of the many benefits of probiotics is that they eliminate bad odours at the source. Your house does not only look clean, but it is naturally clean!