Window Cleaner

Extremely efficient, our glass and mirror cleaner will shine all the glossy surfaces of your home. Made from all-natural ingredients, our glass cleaner formula is fragrance-free, which means no unpleasant odours that sting the eyes and burn the nostrils, such as conventional glass cleaners. You will only sense a fresh scent of cleanliness!


Domestic cleaning? Think probiotics!

For a long time, it was believed that traditional cleaners, destroying 99.9% of germs, were beneficial for us, our home and our family. However, today we know: these products are harmful to our health and the environment! And in addition to being harmful, the chemicals contained in these cleaners are no longer able to fulfill their cleaning mission. Their use on a regular basis leads to a resistance of the pathogens present in our environment.

Only products containing probiotics, such as Biovert’s Biodegradable Glass Cleaner, help preserve these beneficial microbes that help strengthen our immune system and actively fight germs and odours. Choosing probiotics means opting for the well-being of your family, without compromising on efficiency and cleanliness!

A continuous cleanliness

Made from probiotics and 100% natural ingredients, the active power of our eco-friendly cleaners helps optimize the biological balance of your home by working for you, even after use! Indeed, their cleaning action is spread over several days to make you benefit from a thorough cleaning. Also note that our products are safe for your family and pets!